The THETAKey T101 is an Oracle JavaCard capable smart card with integrated e-Ink display for secure information display and touch capacitive virtual buttons for defeating keyboard loggers.

Equipped with a Key Manager and Open API, card developers may freely build their own Open Source friendly JavaCard applications or directly interface with the internal Key Manager over standard ISO7816 channel for secure storage and processing of sensitive cryptographic information.

THETAKey maybe used to protect highly sensitive emails, to secure websites access as a 2FA token or for protecting your payments for both traditional banking and blockchain based transactions all co-existing within the same smart card while remaining secure.

Recharging THETAKey's internal battery can easily be done by utilizing the supplied smart card reader or any commercially available 5 volts capable smart card readers.


  • Individual Card: USD $ 120.
  • Bulk (50 pcs and above): Negotiable over email.
  • Shipment charges will be added upon order confirmation over email or as Paypal invoice.

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BlackVault HSM

BlackVault is a small and portable network capable HSM that comes with it a low cost yet highly secure package produced by Engage Communication Inc.

Measuring in at an approximate size of a conventional 3.5 inch hard disk, the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified BlackVault HSM could be easily deployed in fixed locations or in highly mobile settings.

The BlackVault HSM comes with or without embedded touch screen to allow secure display and input directly into the HSM for protection against keyloggers and screen hijacking.

As a reseller and technology partner of Engage Communication Inc, ThothTrust is capable of enhancing the BlackVault HSM with a proprietary Secure Execution Environment to protect security sensitive business logic in a security isolated environment.

The Customizable Secure Crypto package can be applied to BlackVault HSM units purchased from ThothTrust to obtain better integration with customer requirements and enhanced service package costs.

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SecuriPass Security Solution

SecuriPass Security Solution provides hardware based encryption and verification of security sensitive credentials such as PINs and passwords. The credentials are handled solely in the security and tamper-resistant confines of the hardware modules and never leaves the hardware unprotected.

Secure administration features which includes Administrative Quorum Voting and Secure Remote Administration allows SecuriPass administrators to perform administrative task remotely in a secure fashion.

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Customizable Secure Crypto

The Customizable Secure Cryptography is our customization service that provides customers with the ability to deploy Cryptography in a secured fashion unlike other solutions by enhancing the security around how Cryptography is executed and handled in each customer's unique environments.

Customers may select from a range of different security levels and customization options to create a unique secure environment for them to execute their sensitive Cryptographic algorithms and sensitive business logic operating in different environmental conditions ranging from remote offices and outposts to locally hosted datacenters in the customer's environment of choice while ensuring that the level of security for sensitive data remains uninterrupted and consistent.

Customers may also select from a range of ready made modules listed below for customization.

  • Wallet Security Module

    Leveraging commercially available HSMs, highly secure protection of both cryptocurrency assets and to enable secure mobile payment technologies that leverages tokenization and digital signatures are achieved with easy on an enterprise scale using the Wallet Security Module.

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  • Secure Authentication Module

    Leveraging commercially available HSMs, ThothTrust is capable of enhancing authentication of highly sensitive online portals utilizing both symmetric and asymmetric cryptography executing with a HSM's Secure Execution Environment.

    Customers with specific secure authentication requirements may request for customized authentication logic to allow easy integration with existing customer infrastructures.

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